For the first time there will be no family dinners or meals, or New Year’s Eve with friends

For the first time there will be no family dinners or meals, or New Year’s Eve with friends

Also surely right now the championship format is ready to prepare people for MotoGP and before it was not like that, maybe", declared Joan Mir.

Very active these days in his social networks, Marc Márquez said goodbye to 2020 between jokes and fire. First he posted a funny GIF of a dumbest crash to sum up his disastrous year, which went blank after his accident in the first race of the World Championship in Jerez.


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Marc Márquez

And then he released another image in which he could be seen burning a poster with the 2020 numbers inscribed. This morning the Cervera rider woke up convinced that he could leave all his ills behind in 2021 and began a kind of particular ‘countdown’ to get back on track. Marquez congratulated his followers on the New Year and wrote a significant one message, accompanied by a no less revealing image. "First wish of 2021 fulfilled, put on the competition suit, even at home", he tweeted.

The eight-time world champion, who underwent surgery for the third time for his humerus fracture in his right arm in early December and still does not know if he will be recovered for the preseason in February or for the start of the World Cup in March, is looking forward to to turn the page after so much trouble.

Àlex Márquez: "The challenge is to settle down in MotoGP"

Humor and fire by Marc Márquez to say goodbye to the year

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! First wish of 2021 fulfilled, put on the competition suit✅ Even if it’s at home&# 128517; HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! First wish of 2021 achieved, wear the leather suit ✅ Even if it’s at home! &# 128517; # HappyNewYear #HappyNewYear

– Marc Márquez (@ marcmarquez93) January 1, 2021

Àlex Márquez says goodbye to a “difficult year for everyone” and “real madness” on a personal level, after signing a convincing debut in the premier class of MotoGP in the ranks of Repsol Honda and without the reference of his brother Marc, after his serious injury

Dec 27, 2020 at 8:55 am CET

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Alex Marquez

How do you spend these holidays? More relaxed knowing that your future is assured?

Of course. I think it was the winter that I have had the fewest phone calls from Emilio (Alzamora, his manager). And it is a good sign. It is clear that knowing what I will do the next two years, it is a more relaxed vacation. But they are also different, as for everyone. For the first time there will be no dinners or family meals, or New Year’s Eve with friends. I will stay at home.

How do you rate this 2020 and your first season in MotoGP?

At the sporting level it has been a positive year, my expectations are fulfilled with the two podiums, but it is evident that I would have changed them so that there was no Covid, which has affected people’s lives so much. Personally, it has not been a bad year, although it was very strange. Masks, not seeing family at Christmas … it’s a complicated situation that I hope will end soon.

Do you think next season will develop normally, according to the calendar presented in MotoGP?

Honestly, I don’t think all the races can go through, especially those at the beginning of the season in Austin and Argentina. The Sepang tests are also unclear. I see it more feasible to start in Qatar and do the first part of the World Cup in Europe. We will see, because with the pandemic it is impossible to make forecasts, from one month to another everything changes.

This year has made an important qualitative leap in the official Repsol Honda team, which will leave in 2021. What have you learned?

It was not in my plans to get into MotoGP this year, but Lorenzo’s retirement in Valencia changed everything. The opportunity presented itself, I thought I was ready to take advantage of it and decided to accept the challenge as a personal bet. It was not easy because there was a lot of media pressure being a team with so much history … I have learned a lot, I have learned to be a MotoGP rider with all that that implies, it changes your life in the paddock, you have many responsibilities in it. box, with the media … it was a very serious step and I finished on the rise, which gives me a lot of motivation for next year.

And now he goes to LCR Honda, the satellite team. Do you see it as one step to the side to take two forward?

Why not? Well actually a step forward would settle. Of course, it is not a step back as some say. I will fight to settle in the category and perhaps to return to Repsol Honda, where I have felt at ease, very loved, at home and that, at the beginning, kept the world from falling on me.

No one from his team is taken to the LCR, but the motorcycle is. He will have a Honda ‘black leg’ next season …

It was my goal, to keep the Honda pilot treatment My contract with them has not changed a comma compared to the first year at Repsol Honda. And it is an incredible opportunity. The LCR is a smaller, more family-friendly team that can fit my character well. With Nakagami there is a healthy rivalry from the lower categories. This year he has taken a big step and has been my benchmark with the bike after Marc’s injury.

Which Honda will Pol Espargaró find in the official team?

He will inherit my team, which is very professional. They came from two very difficult seasons, Pedrosa’s last and Lorenzo’s especially, in which they didn’t enjoy racing. When there are no results you have a bad time and when things go well, the relationship improves, it is easier to make pineapple. As for the motorcycle, I don’t know which Honda we will have exactly. By regulation the engine cannot be touched but there will be changes at the chassis and aerodynamic level. In any case, it will be a competitive bike with a lot of potential.

Marc, animated

What is your goal for next year?

Keep growing. It has not been an entirely real first year in MotoGP, because due to the pandemic we have not ridden many circuits that I do hope to go to in 2021 and continue learning. You have to go step by step, first making the most of the preseason to arrive prepared for the first race and above all improve in the qualifiers. The race pace is not bad, but it is very difficult to recover from the back.

Do you think your brother Marc will be able to start the season normally?

Just three weeks after his operation and it is very hasty to say if he will be in preseason or if he will skip two races. The recovery periods are three months but as soon as it gets complicated, it can go to six. You have to take a leap of thumb and listen to what the doctors say.

How do you see him?

Encouraged, honestly. The operation was long and when he got home he did not seem quite a person, what do I say? But every time I see him with more energy and most importantly, he is calm upside down.

Inherit the Crutchlow team

Joan Mir: "Pressure for 2021 doesn’t scare me"

Alex Marquez: "In 2020 I have learned that nothing is impossible"

In 2021, Àlex Márquez says goodbye to Ramón Aurín, “the one who has helped me the most in my MotoGP debut”, and the rest of the technical team that has accompanied him this year at Repsol Honda. In his new stage in the LCR Honda satellite team, sharing the box with Takaaki Nakagami, the youngest of the Márquez will ‘inherit’ the entire coaching staff of Cal Crutchlow, and will also have his trusted Moto2 mechanic, David García, by his side . “I believe that together we can make it work, it is a very motivating project and a very professional work group”, assesses Àlex, hopefully.

Nothing like it had been seen since Marc Márquez’s appearance in MotoGP. It is true, the eruption of Frenchman Fabio Quartararo in the Petronas Yamaha ‘satellite’ team has not been as brutal or triumphant as that of the boy from Cervera, who immediately began to break precocious records and win races, but almost. The ‘Diablo’ has already improved one of those dazzling marks by becoming, in Jerez, the youngest rider to achieve a ‘pole’.

Jul 6, 2019 at 12:42 pm CEST

Emilio Pérez de Rozas

And, yes, as all those consulted in the Sachsenring ‘paddock’ point out, what has done the most damage to Fabio is that, from a very young age, since he became champion of Spain, with only 15 years and He forced the creation of the ‘Quartararo law’ so that, the following year, he could debut in the World Cup without being 16, they would consider him the ‘other’ Márquez.

Marquez’s explanation

“I think”, explains Márquez, “that more than that, that also, because nobody likes to be put so much pressure on being only 15 years old, what happened to Fabio is that all of France, lacking in level pilots, look at him and, suddenly, they put so much hope and hope in his person, in his career. That may indeed affect him ”, acknowledges the Catalan seven-time champion.

“It is evident that this happened,” says Pascal Coville, a specialist at ‘L’Equipe’. “France, which has had seven world champions, Zarco, has never had a rider capable of winning in MotoGP and now there is enormous curiosity to know if Fabio is the one. I will only tell you that, when Fabio was second in Montmeló, Fernando Alonso won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a mythical competition for the French and, nevertheless, my bosses gave absolute priority to Quartararo’s first podium in the World Championship ”.

"He is smart, lively, friendly, knows about motorcycles and, when he is calm, like now, he goes like a rocket"

Santi Mulero

Technician of the team of Sito Pons and Fabio Quartararo in Moto2

Fabio is nicknamed ‘the Devil’ because, when he was little, the first helmet that Etienne, his father bought, had a devil drawn on his neck and rivals began to call him a devil. “And with that nickname I stayed.” It was the time, he explains, when he traveled thousands and thousands of kilometers with his father, a locksmith by profession, to train and race in Spain. “It hurt us to leave Martine, my mother, working in the hairdresser where she is employed, but there was no choice.”