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Besides being a great calculator for intermediate mathematics, the TI-84 Plus comes with excellent programmatic support. To best use your calculator, the brand offers free educational webinars, tutorials, and workshops. The set up of the keypad on this calculator is also user-friendly.

The TI-83 Plus uses several plot types, including normal probability, histogram, XY-line, box-and-whisker, and scatter plots. This calculator can be used with regression analysis and advanced statistics for trigonometry, logarithm, financial, engineering, and calculus applications.

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  • All in all, this financial calculator is one of the most compact options on our list and doesn’t fail to make an impression with its incredible performance.
  • Therefore, this financial calculator score high points Desktop Weather for Windows for its durable structure that comes with a suitable 360 degrees outer cover.
  • Moreover, the buttons have been labeled in an understandable form of financial terms that aid in solving financial problems quickly.
  • Due to its minimal features, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and in a professional manner.
  • Thus it gets simple to calculate amortization principals, total payments, and leftover balances.
  • We especially liked the compact and lightweight design that comes with a sturdy built, which helps prevent any physical damage.

The most commonly used engineering functions are easily accessible to the user. To create an environment of efficiency in your workspace, having intuitive technology can go a long way.

The calculator’s processor is also a big consideration since it controls how fast the device will work. When used in a graphing calculator, the measurement of the processor’s speed is called Megahertz. A good rule of thumb is that the faster the processor, or the higher its Megahertz, the more immediate your decision making can be at your job or on a test.

The advantage of a rechargeable battery is that you will consistently have a high-performing tool available for use. Typically, a graphing calculator uses batteries to operate. A rechargeable battery is usually the best choice if you know you will use the graphing calculator a lot.