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What you’ll learnPossess a solid background knowledge of telecommunications, networking, computer and web systems. Know the present security protocols such as hot working environments, e. g., Linux, Windows & Mac OS. “Hack” into an organization’s network/systems – using its permission – to evaluate weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Undertake preventative, protective and corrective countermeasures to shield systems against malicious attack. Have the capacity to spot and crack many types of passwords, and counter password attacks. Comprehend the terminology, phases, classes, phases and methodologies of ethical hacking. Can cover their tracks and erase digital evidence of programs and system intrusions. Understand cryptography & encryption techniques, and private/public primary infrastructure. Stick to a code of ethics governing expert conduct and also the appropriateness of hacking. Understand common cyber attacks, e. g. social engineering, phishing, identity theft, URL obfuscation, Trojans, dumpster diving, baseball attacks, etc, and will tackle the suitable evasion techniques and countermeasures. RequirementsYou needs to have a basic working knowledge of computers and basic experience doing system administration or help desk function to succeed in this course. You ought to be acquainted with criteria system administrator theories such as firewalls, antiviruses, intrusion detection systems, and access control lists. In this course, I will allow you to set up the necessary applications on your computer. If you want, you can use the Online Lab on your browser to finish the assignments in this program. I’ll use 10 best laptops for mba and marketing students | the digital hacker largely Windows as our foundation operating system in this course. While we do have a section on Linux in the course, I will not delve too deeply into it. That’s becausein my teaching experience, students typically find it much easier to use tools in a working system they’re familiar with before continuing to a new platform like Linux. The ideal student ought to be passionate and inquisitive about studying new technologies and diving right into hands-on jobs Certified Ethical Hackers use the knowledge and tools of malicious individuals to uncover vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems. The Complete Ethical Hacker Certification Exam Prep Course gives you a good base in all the topics that you need to master to pass on the Ethical Hacker Certification Exam. Dive into hands-on projects, and defend your self from would-be-attackers. This course offers you a very clear and organized approach to getting certified; as an ethical hacker, you’ll understand the intricacies of cyber-security, overcome security vulnerabilities, and also develop your own defense options for networks around the planet. Who this program is for:Anyone who would like to pass on the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam and be responsible for securing a home or enterprise networkThis class is a fantastic match for aspiring skilled pen testers–including network administrators or IT professionals interested in building a career shift. Present professional pen testers will probably be too advanced for this course