Thousands demonstrate in Berlin against the Corona requirement

Thousands demonstrate in Berlin against the Corona requirement

An outbreak on a passenger ship in Norway became known last week. After four infections were registered among the 158 crew members of the Roald Amundsen on Friday, follow-up tests revealed more than 30 positive cases. The 178 passengers were allowed to disembark because no infection was known at the time.

Non-essential businesses in Melbourne will have to close

Due to the steep rise in corona infection cases, the head of government of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has ordered the closure of all non-essential shops from Thursday night. Andrews also announced restrictions for other sectors: For example, the meat production and construction industries will have to shut down from Friday. Australia initially got the corona pandemic well under control, but is currently experiencing a second wave of contagion. On Monday, 429 new infections were registered within 24 hours in the state of Victoria, 13 people died. The metropolis of Melbourne is hardest hit.

Before the collapse: New lockdown in Manila

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has again imposed strict exit restrictions for the capital Manila due to the rapidly increasing corona numbers, which will come into force on Tuesday. The 12.8 million inhabitants of the metropolitan area Metro Manila will then only be allowed to leave their homes in exceptional cases, public transport will be suspended, and meetings will be limited to a maximum of five people. The measures should apply for at least two weeks.

Numerous health care workers had warned Duterte of a collapse of the entire system in an open letter over the weekend. Doctors and nurses said they were about to lose the fight against Covid-19. The Ministry of Health reported a record 5,032 new infections over the weekend.

Mask requirement: Poland announces shop inspections

The Polish authorities want to check in stores from this week whether customers and employees are complying with the mask regulations. Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski announced this on public radio.

Great Britain: Corona situation around Manchester is deteriorating

In the UK, the coronavirus situation in the Greater Manchester area has continued to deteriorate. The authorities called one on Sunday evening "serious incident" because the number of people infected had increased in several areas. This gives the authorities more options for action in the fight against the pandemic.

But the authorities stressed that there was no cause for panic. The climbs in Manchester, Tameside and Oldham are noticeable, reported the "Manchester Evening News".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously stopped further easing measures in the corona crisis for at least 14 days across England. In the north – including Manchester and the surrounding area – the measures have even been tightened: Members of different households are no longer allowed to meet in indoor spaces and private gardens. Visiting pubs and restaurants together is also taboo.

Health Minister Matt Hancock attributes the increased spread of the virus to the non-compliance with the distance rules. The UK is worst hit by the pandemic in Europe.

Great Britain introduces rapid corona tests 

To contain the coronavirus, the UK wants to introduce two new types of rapid tests. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said early Monday morning, according to a statement from his department: "Millions of new coronavirus rapid tests will provide results on site in less than 90 minutes and help us to break transmission chains quickly." Starting next week, around 5.8 million DNA and 450,000 swab tests would be made available to hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories, it said.

Both tests could detect Covid-19 and other viruses such as flu viruses that are angry especially in winter, it said.argumentative essay outline worksheet This increases the test capacity enormously. No trained medical staff is required to perform the tests, which means that they can also be performed in more non-clinical settings. "The fact that these tests can detect both flu and Covid-19 will help us tremendously as we head into the winter so that patients can take the right advice to protect themselves and others"said Hancock.

The UK is worst hit by the pandemic in Europe. According to the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, more than 306,000 cases have been registered so far, and more than 46,200 infected people have died.

India reports more than 50,000 infections in a day

India reports 52,972 new infections within 24 hours. In total, 1.8 million corona cases have been confirmed in the country with the world’s second highest population, as data from the Ministry of Health show. The number of deaths increases by 771 to 38,135.

Fear of collapse: Philippines impose new lockdown on Manila

The Philippine capital Manila is preparing for a new lockdown due to the rapidly increasing corona numbers. President Rodrigo Duterte announced that strict exit restrictions will come into force again this Tuesday for the 12.8 million inhabitants of the metropolitan area of ​​Metro Manila.

Citizens are only allowed to leave their homes in exceptional cases, public transport is suspended and meetings are limited to a maximum of five people.

The measures should apply for at least two weeks. At the same time, the government wants to distribute 20 million masks to poor people.

Numerous health care workers had warned Duterte of a collapse of the entire system in an open letter over the weekend. Doctors and nurses said they were about to lose the fight against Covid-19. "If the infections don’t stop, we’ll be the next New York City where people die on stretchers, in the emergency room, or at home because the hospitals are full", it was said.

The Ministry of Health reported a record 5,032 new infections over the weekend. The total number rose to more than 103,000. 2,059 people have died in connection with Covid-19 in the Southeast Asian island nation with its 106 million inhabitants.

Esken: Anti-Corona demo could have been dissolved earlier

SPD leader Saskia Esken has questioned the police strategy during the protests against the state corona restrictions in Berlin. "The demonstration could have been broken up earlier"said Esken of the ARD"daily News". However, this only happened at the rally that followed the demonstration. Even more people had gathered at the rally, they had stood even closer together. "Then it was time to intervene at the very latest."

According to police estimates, up to 17,000 took part in the demonstration on Saturday afternoon, after which there were around 20,000 at the rally. Since the hygiene rules were ignored during the demonstration, the police filed a criminal complaint against the leader of the meeting. He himself declared the demonstration over in the afternoon. Since many demonstrators at the subsequent rally neither kept the rules of distance nor wore masks, the police broke up this gathering in the early evening.

The AfD co-chairman Tino Chrupalla defended the demonstrators. "I cannot see any wrongdoing"he told the ARD. He followed the demonstration. It was peaceful, the people took to the streets for their basic and civil rights. "And that can only be welcomed."

27 other harvest workers in Lower Bavaria infected

After the massive corona outbreak on a vegetable farm in Mamming in Lower Bavaria last week, 27 corona infected people were identified in another company in the community. As the District Office Dingolfing-Landau announced, the infected and their contact persons were immediately isolated. "Due to the spatial proximity of the two Mamming companies, there were apparently contacts between the seasonal workers, which led to the transmission of the virus"said District Administrator Werner Bumeder. Around 600 people work in the newly affected company.

During the massive outbreak on a vegetable farm in Mamming, 232 harvest workers were infected with the corona virus as of Friday evening. All seasonal workers in the district have been tested for the corona virus since Thursday. The results of 25 out of 26 companies have now been evaluated. No infections were found in the other 23 farms. 

More undeclared work during the pandemic

According to calculations by the economist Friedrich Schneider, people are working more black in Germany during the pandemic. In Germany, the share of undeclared work in the gross domestic product has increased this year from around nine to eleven percent, said the economist from Johannes Kepler University in Linz "World on Sunday". This corresponds to an increase over the previous year of 32 billion euros to 348 billion euros. "Short-time work gives people more time and, in some cases, considerable loss of income, which drives them into the shadow economy."

Söder opposes further easing

Markus Söder is alarmed about the development of the corona numbers. He warns of recklessness and does not want any football with spectators. Read more here.

Large demo in Berlin: who are the Corona critics?

No distance, no masks: Thousands took to the streets on Saturday against the Corona restrictions in Berlin. That is why many call them crazy. But are they really? Read the report here.

Nursing home workers tested positive – 135 people in quarantine

135 residents of a shared accommodation in Nuremberg have been quarantined because one of the residents tested positive for the corona virus. As the city of Nuremberg announced on Saturday, the infected person is an employee of a nursing home. "Both the residents of the shared accommodation and those of the nursing home are currently being tested. Results are not yet available"the city wrote on Twitter.

The city announced that the corona infection was noticed during a routine examination in the nursing home in Nuremberg. The infected person was isolated in the shared accommodation.

Corona on passenger ship – 33 infections confirmed

After the outbreak of the corona virus among the crew of a passenger ship in Norway, 29 other crew members tested positive for the virus. This increases the number of detected infections from four to 33, as the shipping company Hurtigruten announced. The corona tests of 120 more of the 158 crew members of the "Roald Amundsen" were negative, five others would have to be tested again.

The expedition ship is still anchored in Tromsø, northern Norway, and is isolated, with no passengers on board. As planned she had "Roald Amundsen" to set sail in the direction of Spitsbergen on Friday afternoon – the trip was canceled after the first infections among crew members of the ship became known. All passengers on the two tours that began on July 17 and 24 with the "Roald Amundsen" had been on the way, had been informed of the situation. They have to be quarantined for ten days. According to Norwegian media reports, there are a total of around 380 passengers.

Fauci doubts the safety of China and Russia vaccines

Leading U.S. disease expert Anthony Fauci has raised concerns about the safety of corona vaccines developed in China and Russia. "I hope the Chinese and Russians actually test the vaccine before they give it to anyone"Fauci said at a Congressional hearing when asked if the US would use the vaccines if they were available before others. According to the virus expert, the US will not have to rely on other countries to source vaccines.

Fauci expressed doubts about the actions of China and Russia: "Claims of having a vaccine ready for sale before testing are problematic at best." Notably, several Chinese companies are at the forefront of the global vaccine race, while Russia has said it will be able to make a vaccine available to the public by September.

Fear of a second lockdown

Economists and politicians have warned of a second corona wave and another lockdown. "A second wave could be more economically damaging than the first wave. Because many companies are ailing, have high debts and hardly any reserves"said DIW President Marcel Fratzscher of "Rheinische Post". IW Director Michael Hüther warned the government: "A nationwide lockdown presupposes an epidemic situation of national scope"said Huther to the newspaper. Such a national risk situation is currently not given. SME President Mario Ohoven also appeals to politics in the Funke newspapers: "It would be irresponsible to drive the German economy into ruin by another lockdown."

Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff called for compliance with the precautionary measures. "We cannot afford a second lockdown"said the CDU politician to the Funke newspapers. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier spoke out in favor of harsher penalties for violations of the Corona rules. "We must not jeopardize the upswing that is just beginning by accepting a renewed increase in infections." Read more here.

Thousands demonstrate in Berlin against Corona requirements

Several thousand people gathered in Berlin on Saturday for a demonstration against the Corona measures. Despite the increasing number of infections, they are campaigning for an end to all requirements. Not all adhered to the corona requirements, as reporters reported.

Bolsonaro downplays virus: "What are you afraid of?"

Even after his own coronavirus infection, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is causing a stir with statements about the corona crisis. "I knew that one day I would get it (the disease). Unfortunately, I think almost all of you will get these one day. What are you afraid of?"said Bolsonaro after a report in the newspaper "Folha de S. Paulo" during a visit to the city of Bagé in the south of the country at a press conference to journalists.