Cistern for the shower at the Cabin with Warmth

The summertime shower about the dacha plot is regarded as the No. 2 structure, as the first in importance is the outside toilet. At first glance, this simple construction has nothing complicated, but such a trifle as the choice and installation of a plastic tank for your shower at the dacha will bring a whole lot of trouble. The way to handle all these nuances on their own, we will now try to comprehend. With or without heating

Before you select a tank for your shower from the country need to decide on its own functionality. On if this plastic container will be equipped with heating system, is based on the comfort of bathing.

  • Multifunctional and convenient to work with is a heated shower tank, even focusing on power. Of course, and without linking to power this tank may be used, however in this is the comfort of taking water procedures. If the sun didn’t have sufficient time to warm water, then this problem can readily be solved with power. It is convenient to put in a tank with heating, in the event the shower is going to be utilised in early spring and late autumn. Hot summer days, the water in the tank will be heated by sunlight, so in this period, the heating is simply not contained.
  • A plastic tank without heating is a regular tank, including a barrel mounted on the roof of a shower house. The water in the tank is heated by sunlight. That is, when the weather is wet and muddy, you can take just a refreshing shower or deny to wash in any way. Tanks without heating is appropriate to spend the event the cottage is seen very infrequently, and then just in summer.

The most important difference between these tanks only installed heating element. Shape, volume, and color of this product can be very different. It is essential that any selected tank had a broad neck, simple to pour water and was securely connected to the roof of the shower home.

Tip: Flat black aquariums are somewhat effective. A large area of a thin coating of water is heated quicker by sunlight. Black walls of the tank attract the sun’s rays, in addition to the water in the tank doesn’t blossom.

Design characteristics of vinyl shower tanks

Vinyl shower tanks such as summer houses are particularly popular with customers for several reasons;

  • A special article of plastic is employed to generate the tanks, which raises the product’s lifespan to 30-50 years. At the identical moment, plastic tanks for summer showers are distinguished by a moderate cost, light weight and ease of setup. All you need to do is assemble the shower box, and correct the tank in addition instead of the roof.
  • At the production of shower tanks, many producers use food-grade polyethylene, which does not degrade from exposure to UV rays. Environmentally friendly material guarantees that the protection of water during storage. Plastic doesn’t corrode under most circumstances, which can’t be said about alloy.

When choosing a plastic tank should be aware that the tanks without electrical heating most frequently are created in volume by 100 to 200 liters. Round heated tanks are made in the kind of drums using a volume of 50 to 130 liters of water. Flat heated tanks are usually designed for 200 liters of liquid. In any style, water is poured in buckets via a wide neck or by pump.

Rarely does anybody in the dacha build a funding shower made of brick or cinder block. Usually its usage is limited to three summer months and after that during the planting of the vegetable garden, in addition to harvesting. For such a brief period it’s enough to build a light cabin out of some other sheet material. Not a bad alternative is really a shower for dacha from polycarbonate having a changing room, which is not difficult to design and create yourself. Why it is Far Better to select polycarbonate for lining the shower

Polycarbonate is not the only substance for cladding a dacha shower. For this instance with success will fit the profiled sheeting or batten. Just today we decided to stop just on this beautiful and durable stuff.

Let us consider the advantage of using polycarbonate for repainting the shower over other similar substances:

  • If the benefits of polycarbonate have persuaded you, then let us proceed to another stage of building a bathtub for dacha.
  • A few important tips Concerning the development of the look of a country shower using a changing room

Even such a simple structure, as a shower from polycarbonate for dacha demands the production of the project. It’s not necessary to develop complex drawings, and a simple scheme could be retrieved out. Here you need to immediately decide for yourself exactly what you would like to construct a shower. Very quickly you may create a lightweight stall and only put it on the ground. More complicated in the production of shower on the foundation with water heating, however such a design will probably last longer. Furthermore, in a dacha shower you will be able to bathe in sunlight.

  • Construction of a dacha shower starts with determining its location. It’s essential to say that the tank ought to be continuously filled with water. Carrying it in buckets from afar is embarrassing and hard. It is much better to put the shower stall near the water intake.
  • If the dacha shower will probably bathe a whole lot of people, it should be put as near as you can into the cesspool or septic tank. Close setup dacha shower near the cesspool will store on laying sewer pipes, however it’s desirable to not bring the stall closer into the accumulator of impurities nearer than 3 m. On warm days, awful smells from the sewage system will permeate the shower, making an unpleasant air while bathing.
  • The water in the tank during a summer shower is heated from sunlight. The stall must be put in the sunniest place, where there is not any shade in the trees and tall constructions.
  • Inside the shower stall and altering room from polycarbonate must provide lighting, so you may bathe at night. Only it’s necessary to consider that the lights should have a high degree of protection from water. It is optimal to put shower cottages on the rear of the house. Here are closest to this sewer, water supply instead of way to pull on the electric cable for light.
  • Determined by the positioning of the place of the summer shower, begin to make a plot of the cottage itself out of polycarbonate. Initially it was decided that the garden shower will probably be using the changing room. In this case, the diameter of this design will turn out 1,6 m, and the span – 1,6 m. If the owners are obese people, then the width of the shower cubicle with a locker room is far better to grow to 1.2 m.
  • within the shower booth provide separation. Separate the dressing space threshold, in addition to tarpaulin curtain. They will not enable the water to wet shoes and clothes.
  • If desirable, the dressing room could be coordinated from the anteroom. Then, close to the shower enclosure individually set up extra racks, to that secure sheets of polycarbonate. The size of this pre-bath depends on the tastes of the owner. Sometimes cottagers build bigger pre-baths in which, along with the dressing area, equip a recreation area. Indoors you will find seats and a table.
  • The whole height of the shower cabin from ground to roof is 2.2 m. Together with the tank it could achieve 2.5 m, and much higher. The elevation in the shower stall will be lower. Part of the distance below will take a wooden menu, along with the shirt will probably hang on out a watering can with a tap not less than 15 cm.

Given all these variables, on a piece of paper sketches the plot of the shower using a polycarbonate dressing room, and then proceed into its structure.