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The app was designed for university students as a security devise against potential sexual violence but can be used by anyone for enhanced safety and security. Much like the bSafe app, Circle Of 6 lets you tap your location to anyone, communicating your position and possible need for help. As the name suggest, users can create circle of friends who can receive texts, GPS locations, phone calls, and chat icons from anyone in the circle. This app gives you direct access to information about important issues like sexuality, relationships, and personal safety, and even allows you to make a “phone out” to hotlines. EasyBib, the free bibliography generator, can reinforce those all-important referencing rules from which students cannot escape.

Behance features new work from incredibly talented individuals in design, fashion, architecture, photography, motion graphics, and many more fields of work and passion. It is easy to spend hours on this site, where you can follow creators and expressionists of beautiful things that are sure to stimulate your creative side. The site also provides options for connecting with student and professional communities associated with specific organization and institutions.

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  • These guys have a little bit of everything to suit anyone’s taste levels and generally the prices are affordable.
  • Yep, one of your favorite online retailers also carries wallpaper now.
  • You have heard me say it before, but I love designing nurseries and playrooms and I could be completely satisfied with so many of their prints in any and all nurseries/playrooms that I design.
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If you know any nurse, physician, or PA, there’s about a 99% chance they used a Netter’s product to learn anatomy. Both didactic and clinical year students recommended this resource in equal measure. Some are finding this helpful to learn ECGs from scratch while others are toting this daemon tools free download reference along during cardiology, family medicine, and ER rotations. Now that I’ve been a PA for 13 years, there are tons of resources available that weren’t around back in my training days.

So, when I’m asked which PA student tools are worth the money, I haven’t had a great answer — until now. Visiting the website will give you access to 7,000 videos on all their available subjects. The website also shows you other collections or tools that can further your education. Part of doing work in college is ensuring your grammar and spelling are correct. If your writing can do with a bit of assistance, Grammarly can help make sure that your studying and resulting work are correct. The add-on for browsers is easy to use, informative, and will help correct your writing, teaching you where your work can be improved. College can be overwhelming, but UA offers a wealth of resources to help you navigate life at the Capstone.

EasyBib lets students generate citations from a lengthy list of formats and choose from dozens of source options. Other functions include book search by title or ISBN, book barcode scanning, and citation sharing. Teachers can see the results of the activities and, depending on these, modify the subsequent lessons in order to make them more personalized. Students who recommended Osmosis report using it to better understand basic science and clinical medicine topics.

Below are some of the most commonly used student services to help get you through your day successfully. Students learn best when they can express ideas in their own way. Adding a mouse to their laptop can clear the way for easier navigation. Rugged Folio allows students to type, tap, or draw, so they can learn however they do best. Crayon lets kids draw or take hand-written notes, so they can learn in a more intuitive way. Inquiries may be directed to Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Title IX Coordinator or Section 504 Coordinator at 2740 York Road, Jamison, PA or .

A few specifically liked the extra feature of being given recommendations on what to study based on their performance on practice questions. Students reported it being helpful for general clinical medicine topics, as test prep during the didactic year, and to prepare for end of rotation exams during the clinical year. And, of course, students nearing graduation are using it to prepare for their board exams, PANCE. Because there are different kinds of learning style, and some students prefer a variation on the classic Atlas. First released in the late 1980s, the Atlas of Human Anatomy has been the go-to anatomy resource of generations of students studying medicine for decades. It’s illustrated by physician-artists and is now in it’s seventh edition.