Pirater Cellphone – An App Which Makes Your Kids Happy

Pirater Camera Telephone – The Pirater Camera is the perfect solution if you are planning to monitor your kids when you can’t be there. It is extremely easy to use and it gives you a good look at your children even when they are not near by. I am sure that you can’t wait to use this great product. It has two options, the first one is the wireless which means it will need access to a router or modem, while the other option is the hard-wired version which has to be installed on the computer and the phone line. In case you are wondering whether the hard-wired model has certain limitations, then you should know that it has got a limited number of cameras as compared to the wireless one. It is for sure that your children won’t be having fun with this toy any more, but this can be used for parents as well.

Pirater Camera Telephone – The second part of this product is the fact that you can use it from any computer either on a notebook or even on the on phone portable espionner sms gratuit sans acces au téléphone cible any kind of connection problem. If you are using your laptop then you can have some cool fun as you can send video files to another computer from the telephone using the serial cable. This is something that will make you smile every time as you will see your kids doing something really sweet on the cell phone.

The Pirater Camera Telephone is a simple, fun and useful gadget that you must own if you love your children very much. You can also send text messages from the phone and even use it as a web camera. It has got a great display which is clear and bright even in the night. The video quality is not bad at all and you will definitely like the application session est un smartphone.